Voter Information

This page contains information regarding voting in the United States.

Every state except for North Dakota requires you to register to vote. You can find your state’s registration deadline here.

For preparing a voter registration form, go here.

If you are unable to physically attend a polling place, you may be able to have an absentee ballot. Rules for absentee voting vary by state, and some require excuses. This table shows whether or not your state requires an excuse. You can create an absentee ballot request here.

Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia allow early voting, in which you may cast your ballot in a designated period before Election Day. Early voting is in person but does not require an excuse. To find specific dates and times for early voting, you will need to contact your local elections office. This page has information on how to do so.

Identification requirements differ depending on the state. You can find your state’s identification requirements here.

Checking your registration status and polling places must be done by state. The U.S. Vote Foundation has a tool to help you do so.